Return, Refund, and Order Cancellation Policy

Order Cancellation Policy
  • Orders are processed as soon as possible after an order is received. An order can only be canceled up to the point the package is dropped off at the carrier location. All requests for cancellations from this point will be treated as a return.
  • Seller will refund the purchase price of returned items once the product has been received by seller (See Return Policy).
  • Buyers who request cancellation before orders are processed will be granted immediate refund, however for orders that have already been processed the buyer will be refunded after the product has been returned.

Returns and Refunds

  • All returns with unopened/unused product only will be considered and no refunds will be given for nonreturnable products.
  • Buyer must contact seller within 30 days of receiving product.
  • Seller will refund 100% of purchase price for qualifying returns minus applicable restocking fees.
  • All returns are subject to a $10 minimum restocking fee, and may be up to 50% depending on the nature of the return, the condition of the product, and the discretion of the seller.
  • Buyer is responsible for return postage except for, at the seller's discretion, the reason for return is the fault of the seller or there is damage.
  • To return your product, please e-mail us at to begin the process.

Shipping Problems & Missing Deliveries

  • If you have an issue with your shipment, use your tracking number through the carrier's website to see the most up to date status of your shipment.
  • If there is an issue with delivery or you need more information than your tracking number shows, please contact the carrier directly for more detailed information. I as the sender have access to the same information as you and can only go off of what the tracking information shows. The carrier will be more likely to provide additional information to the recipient as opposed to the sender.
  • Orders showing as delivered will not be refunded or re-sent without a proper return according to the return policy. If your order is showing as delivered, however your package is not there; please exhaust every effort to locate your package including but not limited to asking others living in your household, or neighbors if they have your package. Look in places around your house where the carrier may have left the package even if it's not the normal drop-off location.
  • Please contact the carrier directly for more specific details regarding the delivery of your package as they can provide details the sender does not have access to. If you believe theft has occurred, then please contact your local law enforcement authority.
  • Please be advised that once an order is dropped off to the carrier, it is out of the hands and control of the sender. I cannot do the carrier's job for them. I can only do my job, which is to get the package to them. I will help you resolve issues as much as possible, but your best bet is to contact the carrier directly.